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My name is Stephanie Hendrix, and I am an alumnus of Waller ISD. GO BULLDOGS!!!!!!

My educational profile includes:
High School Diploma from Waller High School.
BS degree (Biology Education) from Texas Southern University, (Houston, Texas),
Masters of Education Administration from Prairie View A&M University,(Prairie View, Texas).

The beginning of the 2016-17 school year, marks my 24th year in education.
This Profession (education/teaching) is my Passion!!!
I have two beautiful children, that I Love, Adore, and vehemently encourage to be their BEST, which is the same philosophy for "my children" in the classroom.

I currently teach Biology, and have taught Anatomy Physiology & Aquatic Science. 

My contact information is as follows:
Waller High School

"It is easier to build STRONG CHILDREN, than to repair broken men". Frederick Douglas
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